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Taxis in Ireland

Will be in Killareny for 3 days and using a taxi service between town/ Muckross and B&B. Someone told me that the taxi meter starts running from when the cab leaves their current location on their way to get you, NOT when the taxi actually picks you up. Can anyone confirm? Thanks, Paula K.

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The taxi charge is exactly as here. The meter starts when you are picked up. If you are going to be taking a long ride I would inquire about the fee before starting.

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The distance between Killarney town & Muckross House isn't too great; so the expense should not be too great. As you leave Muckross it is worth the cost to have the cab driver take you to Torc Waterfall. There are also many B&B's w/in walking distance of City Centre. check out for B&B info.

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There is a really nice walk through the National Park from the Cathedral in Killarney to Muckross. It might be good to walk one way and taxi the other. Round trip gets to be pretty long.