Taxi from Heathrow to Cheltenham

We are arriving at Heathrow and meeting family near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. We need to transport 4 people as quickly as possible but are nervous about renting a car and driving on the wrong side so have been looking into taxi/private car hire. It seems very pricey, but more than that, from reviews on travellers' sites there seem to be a number of unsavoury companies that get you to pay up front and simply do not show up. Can anyone recommend a good Heathrow airport shuttle service? Thansk,

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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It costs a bomb because it is a long drive. I remember when I was younger it taking about half a day, usually behind old diesel lorries on single carriageway roads going about 25 mph. I have made - unfortunately- that very trip from Cheltenham (Prestbury) to both main London airports and it is a real palaver to either. Its much better now that a motorway has gone in for some of the journey but it is still a long drive. I don't know of any bad drivers but I don't know of any good ones either. Sorry. Can't one of the rellies collect you? That what we always did.

Posted by Rebecca
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London Heathrow ­is 86 miles from Cheltenham with a drive time of 2 hours. There is a regular direct coach service with National Express. I have taken this coach (bus) and found it to be, for my needs, better than using a car service. Go here to research the travel times and fares of the coach from Heathrow to Cheltenham: This is the shuttle service that I recommend, because it's dependable and with nothing "unsavory" about it.