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swindon to stonehenge and back?

i am looking for public transport on the 17th (monday) from swindon to stonehenge. i can also return to london instead of return back to swindon. on the wilts&dorset site, the maps seem to indicate a thru route from swindon to salisbury, but i am not able to find any other info such as bus numbers time etc. ideally i would like to get back to swindon after stonhenge, so that i could get the national express funfare back to london. any other ideas? TIA.

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The old Swindon to Salisbury bus has been split into 2 separate bus routes.
Swindon to Pewsey and Pewsey to Salisbury.
The Swindon to Pewsey bus also goes through Avebury which most people find a more satisfying henge to Stonehenge.
For Stonehenge you get off the Salisbury bus at Amesbury and its a 15 minute walk up the hill to Stonehenge.
There used to be a bus from Salisbury that went to Stonehenge via Amesbury, but that now goes direct as a tour bus and doesn't go to Amebury

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Thanks LB. I did try that website too, but it wanted me to take options that were 3+ hrs.
Bob, let me check out the info and post back. Thanks.

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yeah, we ended up taking the first wilts&dorset bus from swindon to pewsey. at pewsey we caught the connection to amesbury. from amesbury we walked to the stonehenges and took the bus back to salisbury. from salisbury we took the bus to swindon but got off at avebury where we caught the later bus to swindon. all the bus schedules are available on the wilts&dorset site. the first bus driver at swindon suggested we use the "family rover" ticket which cost 13.50 pounds for the two of us. if i remember correctly it was the stagecoach company that was running the other buses from avebury to swindon. they also honored the w&d "family rover" ticket.