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I would like to travel to Stockholm this year to do some research on my family. Before I take off I would like to know where to stay that is reasonable if I am going to be there awhile - bed and breakfast, inn? Is there a genealogy society I can contact for assistance? I am 70 and will be traveling alone.

Posted by Kay
Vancouver, WA, USA
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I am beginning my own Swedish genealogy research and can offer you some resources. Visit this website for a Swedish genealogy tour group: http://www.lilleskogen.se/dalsland.htm. Of course, it depends on whether your research will occur in this area. In any case, you will be surrounded by other researchers, and the group will be led by professional genealogists. The author of this blog has posted lots of good information: http://researchingswedishroots.blogspot.com/2012/11/swedish-genealogy-week-next-june-in.html. You might want to personal message me so that we don't clog up the Helpline with our exchange of information. I also encourage you to get involved with a local genealogy society if you aren't already.

Posted by Sharon
Santa Rosa, CA, USA
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My ancestors came from Smaland in Sweden. The Swedish Emigrant Museum in Vaxjo was very helpful and did research for me. We did visit there, and the museum is very nice, but I had sent my information to them ahead of time - they did the research and forwarded me the information.

Posted by Vicki
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Thank you for your reply. I have been trying to find a link to someone in Sweden who could help and this might be a good start. I would be interested to know about your trip. Trouble finding your way around, where did you stay, recommendations.

Posted by Kathy
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My dad is planning on heading to Sweden for the same reason! Our family is from Lulea, which is waaaaay up north (near the border with Finland). As a librarian myself, I told him to try contacting Lulea's library for help.

Posted by Karen
Fort Wayne, IN, USA
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Here's the Emigrant Museum that Sharon mentioned. http://www.utvandrarnashus.se/eng/ It sounds like they have a research center in Gothenburg, so you may want to go there as well. I think that Gothenburg was the departure point for a lot of emigrants. My own great-grandfather left from there. While you're there maybe you could work on my ancestry. I'd like to know but am too lazy to do the research!

Posted by Sharon
Santa Rosa, CA, USA
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As I had mentioned, the center in Vaxjo did research for me and gave me wonderful information. I went into the LDS center here in Santa Rosa, and they had quite a bit of information, and I was even able to get a picture of the ship my great grandfather left on (from Gothenberg to the U.S.).

Posted by Marie
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we went to the vaxjo museum and they were able to find records not only of when my husband's grandmother left Sweden as a child but when she returned. very helpful people. small fee.