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Sweden & Norway Question

Hi, My husband and I are planning 7-8 days in Sweden and possibly Norway in May. My preference would be to see as much of Sweden as possible but my husband would rather see a little of Sweden and then head over to Norway to see the fjords. He likes to see cool natural phenomena more than cities, I just like to travel so I'm good, but biased toward Sweden. As of right now, I have Day 1: Gamla Stan/Vasa Museum/Stockholm. Day 2: Tour the Stockholm Archipelago. Then rent a car and head to Gotland--take the ferry over and spend two days (Days 3-4) touring Visby, caves, and Fårö Island. After that, I don't know. Probably head south some more, but know that we need to go back north for our plane.

On the other hand, if we leave Stockholm and either take a train or drive to Norway, we would have time to go see the fjords, I think. But I'm not sure the best way to do that. A cruise or drive to Bergen? Something else I haven't thought of?

I'm trying to make the most of our limited time. Thanks for any help.

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