Sweden itinerary suggestions?

Hello all, I will be in Sweden (flying into Stockholm) for 10 days this August and am looking for itinerary suggestions outside of Stockholm. I am hoping to spend 1/3 to 1/2 of my time in and around Stockholm, then a couple nights on an island in the nearby archipelago...... and this is where I would love some suggestions of places to go for 3-4 more nights. I would be willing to bus for several hours to get to the place if it was worth it :) South, west, or north I'm open to suggestions! Never been to Sweden before and am eager to experience the country. I am young and on a budget so am avoiding any sort of resort destination in favor of a place where cheaper accommodations would be available. I am interested in somewhere where I could experience the beautiful nature of the area, and my travel partner is really into Viking history so either of these things would be a big plus.
Thank you!

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hi Cynthia, im heading to Stockholm this Sept myself, but im staying in the stockholm area since thats where most of the things are for this trip. when i go back it will be outside, but for now, its Stockholm. i will be watching this thread for any suggestions outside of stockholm happy trails.

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Hi Cynthia. We have been to Sweden twice and are going back this July. I have relatives there. We have spent quite a bit of time in Stockholm, but I will list some of the places we have seen outside of Stockholm: the glass country factories, Vaxjo with the immigrant museum, stayed in Ystad on the southern coast - very nice little cobble-stoned town; Kasebergan (for Ales Stones) - these are like Stonehenge - on the top of a hill overlooking the sea, shaped like a ship; Glimmengehus castle from @1499. The first time we were there, we took the train from Stockholm south to Kalmer. Got a rental car there and drove out to Oland Island. This island has a lot of wildlife and ruin stones. While there we saw Gravfalt iron age graves, Himmelsberga Museum from the 18th century, Ismantorp fortress - remains of 88 houses in the woods, and Borghalm Castle. It's such a beautiful country with a lot of history.

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I really like Gotland, particularly the city of Visby. You can get a ferry from Nynäshamn which can be reached by local train from Stockholm. For Viking history, the Historiska Museum in Stockholm has a good exhibit with lots of artifacts. Sigtuna (reached by bus from Stockholm) has a number of rune stones. I've never been to Birka, but it is an archeological site (it was a Viking city) with a museum; it is also a day trip from Stockholm. Also there are quite a few daytrips that can be made from Stockholm. Besides the archipelago, you can visit Gripsholm castle in Mariefred, Uppsala, and Drottningholm.

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I will echo Laura. We loved the Historiska Museum in Stockholm - really well done and interesting. The two times we have been to Sweden have been in July. We really wanted to go to Gotland but during the timeframe we were going to be there, conventions were being held in Gotland, so all hotels were booked - we tried through the Tourist Office there. Possibly August would be a better time, and I've read such wonderful things about it. But, Oland is nice too.

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Thank you all for your advice, it has been really helpful so far!
Right now I am getting ready to book five nights in Stockholm (enough time to enjoy the city and take some day trips Uppsala, maybe Birka), 2 nights out in the archipelago, and I think I've decided to take the ferry from Nynäshamn to Gotland for a few nights.... didn't realize how close it was from Stockholm to get to Nynäshamn! That really sealed the deal. Historiska Museet sounds like a must do too. We'll see what else....