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Sweden + Denmark/Norway

I will be traveling to Sweden in July and I have 6 days to spare. Im thinking if I could travel to all 3 countries within 6 days? or just Sweden + either Denmark or Norway? Please advise. option1: 3 days in Sweden (Stockholm)- Archipelago, city tour, 3 days in Norway ( Fjords : norway in a nutshell) option 2: 3 days in Sweden, 3 days in CPH (denmark) option 3: 2 days for each country

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Hi all, thank you so much for your reply! (: I will be spending a week in London before flying to Stockholm, Sweden. I think i will just plan a trip with 3 days in Stockholm and probably 3 days in Norway/ Denmark. Are there any advice like what are the "must-see" things in all the 3 countries?

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Definitely not #3; you wouldn't have time to stop and see much. If you like scenery, #1. If you like all the great things Copenhagen has to offer; #2.

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I agree with Tim. Personally, I would select an option with more of Copenhagen, because I love it so much. That being said, be aware that I have not been to Norway, and it might be utterly fantastic.

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6 days is not much to work with. But if you really want to see the fjords, then you can try to go with option 1. Otherwise, I'd either do option 2 or stay in Stockholm and add in Helsinki and Tallinn. You don't say what else you are doing before your extra 6 days or where you will be. That might affect our advice too. With such short time, travel between Stockholm, Copenhagen and Norway will have to be by air. Stockholm to Helsinki and/or Tallinn is by overnight ferry.

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Don't see how you can do more than 1 city or area in Norway in 3 days. I guess it's possible to set foot in Oslo, take the nutshell to Bergen in a day and see Bergen in a day and say, hey, I've seen it, but I think these places deserve more time. You're better off concentrating. I would make 2 recommendations, but both involve hard choices. 1, I would not try to include fjord country and just fly in and out of Oslo and concentrate on its great museums, frogner park, grand café, and cruise Oslo's own fjord as a day-trip. 2, I would fly in and out of Bergen, see fjord country from there (maybe rent a car one day, best way to see fjords and maybe a stave church), see Bergen's sights.
It's a tough choice, just basing on one city, but I think if you do both with the nutshell in between, you might feel like you flipped a few pages in a travel book without getting a good visit anywhere. You'll enjoy whatever you do, a beautiful and friendly country.

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I've been to all three and, ideally, would want more time to see those and add Helsinki and Tallinn by ferry. Sadly there isn't more time, so I'd go with just Copenhagen and Stockholm.

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You pose your question as a multiple choice, but it really is an essay answer. Do you go to museums at home? If not, do feel you have to visit them when travelling. Visit what interests you, not what others say you have to see. For example, I love history and sailing. I could spend all day at the Vasa in Stockholm and the Maritime Museum in Oslo, but just an hour would do for most. Do you HAVE to fly into Stockholm? If not, I would suggest flying into Copenhagen, then to Stockholm, then to Oslo-Fjord-fly out of Bergen. In any case, you can take advantage of overnight train/ferry to use you sleeping time to travel and not waste daylight hours.