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supermarkets in the UK

Do supermarkets in the UK accept credit cards as a form of payment? Thanks for your help.


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Yes but remember most credit cards have an xchg fee. Last yr I paid cash becuz of fees and poor xchg rate.

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I DO know that TESCO supermarkets in the UK will accept all major credit cards (visa, mc, American Express).

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Off the top of my head I can't think of any supermarket chain that does not accept MasterCard and Visa.

I speak from experience - my wife could make shopping an olympic event and scoop up every gold medal.

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Credit cards accepted - I've made such purchases in UK, Ireland and numerous places in eastern Europe. Though you should pay attention as often there is only a single line that is accepting card payments while the rest are cash only. At least I had this problem with a SuperValu in Ireland and a store whose name I can't remember in Bucharest and Budapest.

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Actually, you are paying a fee to get cash as well, so it's no better than using a credit card. And sometimes it works out better with a credit card when you add all the fees and the exchange rates.


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Hi Velda,
There are actually a couple credit cards (that I know of) that do not charge exchange rates - Capital One and Washington Mutual being the two that I used on my recent trip. Have fun!!