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Sunny in London?

I know that London has the reputation for being cloudy and dreary. I am an amateur photographer and try to plan our vacations around when the sunniest weather in our destination is likely to be. When I look at rainfall in London, it's pretty consistent throughout the year and I can't find any information on what months tend to be the sunniest. I'm guessing June/July/August would be best but wanted some opinions from people who have been to plan a time when we are most likely to have blue skies.


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I have been to London several times at various times of the year. I can't remember weather changes from one time to another.

Just realize it will be different and be prepared to wait when the sun doesn't cooperate with your camera. Even when it rains, it never rains hard and doesn't last long.

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My last three trips to London were in the month of December. Had blue skies and sun each trip. You just never know.

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The month with the average most sun per day is June.
We've had 2 really wet summers in a row now, so hopefully this year should get more than average sunshine

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In early June of last year on RS London trip, we were sprinkled on only once, in the first half hour or so of our trip out to Windsor. We had sunny skies otherwise. It was wonderful.

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Go here, the best website I've seen for detailed long term average weather data (thanks to the person who posted it here a few days ago, I forget who you are but thank you). Anne, input London and the dates you're interested in, it will give you actual historical data and average them for you.

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Thanks for the advice on June and the website. That will come in handy when planning many other adventures as well!

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I went from Dec 3 - 10th and had blue skies every day. Was about 45-50 degrees out daily. Wonderful weather, got great pictures. It only rained once (during the day, could have at night when i was asleep!), for about 15 minutes.

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We spent 9 days and nights in London in late September last year. Luckily we had four sunny days in a row!