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Summer weather in Scandinavia?

We'll be traveling mid-late June in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Can anyone clue me in on the usual weather? I have average temperature readings, but I'd like to know about rain, humidity, and the best clothing to wear there during that time of the year. Thank you!

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We were there in mid July, 2008 and we saw very little rain. High temps between 68 F and 78 F most days. Hottest day was about 85 in Oslo. Maybe we were lucky, but it was perfect for us.

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We were there in July about 10 years ago and it was mostly in the 60s. Our last three days in Oslo, it went up to about 80. I think it only rained one day at most. We had no humidity. I think Scandanavia in the summer is heaven.

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It depends on where you are, and your elevation. Lapland can be like Yellowstone in June: one year parkas and tank tops on the same date next year. Since you are from Florida, I'd say even S. Sweden will be slightly cool and some days it may be downright chilly. take a windproof jacket with a light (cotton?) lining. Late June often has cold days even in the opinion of the residents, but you can buy a 10€ fleece jacket at any sporting goods store if you feel you need it.