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Summer clothing in Scandinavia

We are traveling through Finland, Sweden, and Norway in mid-June. How's the weather, and what kind of clothing should I pack? I am a Floridian, and it's already 90 degrees here, so the Scandinavian 60's I read about will feel cool to me.

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It could get chilly or cool so be sure to have long sleeves or a light jacket, especially for evening. For the most part though, it should be very pleasant.

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I think you need a mix of long and short sleeve. Assume you are on a cruise. At sea will be very cool and a light sweater will be need and a good wind breaker. On shore during the day, we found it be quite warm IF there was no breeze from the sea. You will not have the humidity that is associated your weather but you can get the temperature.

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All good advice...but be ready for the unexpected..I suggest layers...start with comfortable light clothing..our last trip to Scandinavia (Summer of 06) it was in the low 90's in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki almost every day. I ended up not wearing about half of the stuff I took with me, and buying the stuff that I needed to keep cool.

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Layers is the key! You never know: it could be hot or cold. I hope you will have fun! I am going at the end of May also.

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We're going in July-August. We're bringing primarily light clothes but adding a warm layering sweater/fleece and a rain shell.

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Mid-June is still fairly early summer in Scandinavia. It probably won't truely warm, at least not by Florida standards. I hope it will be in the 70s or 80s, but it might very well be in the mid-40s. Leave the down jackets at home though! Take a jacket that can cut the wind and add a fleece sweatshirt or some other warm layer to go under it if the temperatures take a dip.

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Thanks everyone! I think I'll take some 3/4 length sleeve tops and capris. Toss a light jacket into the suitcase, and I should be fine. I'm hoping for 60's. That will feel almost cold compared to Florida in the 90's!