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Suggestions on tentative Scandinavia itinerary

Please comment on our tentative itinerary:

Day/Night 1: Flight Iceland Air Boston to Reykjavik
Day 2-3: Reykjavik
Day 4: Flight Iceland Air Reykjavik to Stockholm
Day 5: Stockholm
Day 6: Flight SAS Stockholm to Kirkenes or Tromsø (possibly Bodø)
Day 6: Hurtigruten voyage south bound to Bergen
Day 11: Arrive Bergen
Day 12: Day in Bergen, train to Oslo
Day 13: Oslo
Day/Night 14; Oslo, evening Ferry to Copenhagen
Day 15: Copenhagen to Warnemünde
Day 15-28: Various destinations, ending in Genoa
Day 29: Flight to Copenhagen
Day 30: Copenhagen
Day 31: Flight Iceland Air Copenhagen to Reykjavik to Boston

We’re undecided if to begin the Hurtigruten voyage south from Kirkenes or Tromsø (possibly Bodø). The date will be early September. If we start in Tromsø or Bodø, we may sail port-to-port and get off the ship for a day or two in one of the stops along the way. Any thoughts on this would be most helpful.

Also, I thought there was an overnight ferry from Oslo to Copenhagen, but I’m not certain of this, can anyone confirm?

Finally, what is the best way to get from Copenhagen to Warnemünde?

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@ Jon,

this is just my opinion, but it looks like its just a real small taste of Scandinavia. little tidbits to just say been there.

happy trails.

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Overall, I think it looks pretty good, but I have a couple of concerns.

First, I think you are shortchanging Stockholm. Can you add at least one more day there? It's a beautiful city. With even more days, you could take the overnight cruises to Helsinki and/or Tallinn and see more of Scandinavia.

Second, why are you going down to Genoa and they coming back to Copenhagen? Can't you just fly home from Genoa or somewhere close by. It seems like wasted time and money to backtrack like that. If you have to get back to Copenhagen and then Reykjavik, why don't you fly from Oslo down to Genoa and work your way back to Copenhagen?

I also don't understand why you're going down to Genoa if you intention is to see Scandinavia. You may have a good reason, but it's going to take away from your time in Scandinavia.

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Yes, "tidbits" to be sure, but hopefully this will be an introductory visit, not the end-all, be-all visit to Scandinavia. The focus of the visit is the west coast of Norway, but we wanted to get a sense of Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen so we can hopefully return. The day 15-28 part of the itinerary is actually on a "repositioning cruise". We wanted a non-stressful way to get from the north to the south and the cruise was just the ticket. No changing hotels, etc. This will allow us to relax before the balance of the land visit and we specifically wanted to get a glimpse of Lisbon and Barcelona. I didn’t mention in the first post, but we’ll spend a few days in the CinqeTerre region then head back north. We're extending the time frame of the total visit by 7-9 days as we will spend some time in the Hamburg-Bremen region visiting with some friends we've made on past visits tracing our German genealogy. This means we'll fly home from Hamburg.

By the way, I'm still interested in the logistics of getting from Oslo to Copenhagen and Copenhagen to Warnemünde

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@ jon,

Stess is what you make of it. Travel can be stress full, but what i do and it may not work for you is that i plan my down time everyday after my "to do/sees" i dont run around 24/7/30 on my trip, i plan to do/see thing for only 6 hours or so. By doing this, im able to stay longer at something if i choose, or just chill.

yes, you can get a taste of alot of places, but to me, its sort of a waste of time. I more or less travel the same, but spend 3 or 4 days in a place if it justifies it. Less or more if needed. But i do this to get the city i visit checked (along with the to do/see) off my list that way, when i go back all i need to do is to land/dock/arrive and im off to outside of the city. In my opinion, youre warming more seats than pounding pavement but thats your choice.

happy trails