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Suffolk & Norfolk

I'm plotting my next trip to England. For no particular reason I want to go to Suffolk and Norfolk, two counties seldom seen on this site. Does anyone have suggestions as to what to see, where to stay?

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You're right Suffolk and Norfolk are not on the usual tourist trail. They are noted for their flatness, they are part of the pre-historic land bridge between England and Holland and geographically they are very like Holland.

There are good seaside resorts to stay at and the best is probably Great Yarmouth. The whole place is full of picturesque little villages and quaint historic towns. If you do go there you really should visit places like Thetford, Swaffham, Norwich and Caister.

You will need a car, rent a small one - some of the roads are very narrow. If the weather is good it's a great place to be, if not it can be very cold and very very wet. Because it is such a flat area of the country it is very prone to flooding. You may also find the local accent and dialect uninteligable ( I know I do and my daughters both live in Norwich, there are times I can hardly understand what their friends are saying ).

In good weather it's a pretty place, but I find it a bit dull.