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Stonehenge or Glastonbury Tor

We have almost 2 full days in London before our tour starts and I'd like to visit one of these mystical sites. Considering there's more to do in Glastonbury, is that the better choice? Any suggestions of getting there? Should we rent a car for 1 day?

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Everyone will say Stonehenge is touristy. It's true (not nearly as touristy as Pisa or Rome Coliseum but certainly crowds of tourists) but it's also a very unique site. The other henges have advantages AFTER you have seen Stonehenge. If you haven't seen Stonehenge, it will stay on your list until you do.

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There's day bus tour(s) out of London that do Bath via Stonehenge then back to London. Apparently they include lunch in Bath and the cost is not much more than train London to Bath. If you wish, skip the back to London part, stay overnite in Bath, do Glastonbury tour out of Bath, and then back to London cheapest (train or bus) next day. Check Rick`s Best of Europe book or Google OR OR

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London Walks does an 'Explorer Day' to Salisbury and Stonehenge but it is only offered one day a week. Check their site ( to see if it happens to be one of the days that you are there.

You take the train to Salisbury in the morning and tour the cathedral. There is a break for lunch and then you take the bus to Stonehenge in the afternoon before you take the train back.

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Al's tour sounds really great and I enjoyed visiting Stonehenge but Glastonbury really did have a mystical feel to it that was memorable--can't really describe it. I thought that it was worth a visit. The shops in the town itself are very New Age--not my thing exactly but it works there.

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Definitely hire a small car.

As for there not being much to do at Stonehenge, try this:

Drive to Stonehenge and plan to arrive about 11:00 in the morning. Spend no more than 2 hours there. Take the road north following signs for Devizes. At Devizes either break for Lunch ( The Elm Tree on St. John's Street serves lovely food and good beer ) or follow the signs to Swindon. On the Swindon route you will pass through Avebury. Stop there. If you haven't already eaten go to The Red Lion and enjoy lunch ( great beer, good food ). Then walk to the visitors centre, buy a map of the village and spend at least two hours going around the 'village in the stones'. Take the road back south towards Devizes and swing left onto the A4 to nearby Marlborough. Park up and visit the quaint old town, do a bit of shopping and have a look at one of England's most famous colleges. Drive out of Marlborough following signs for the M4 and London. It's a great day out.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Seems a lot of tours don't go during the week (we arrive on 24 April and out "tour" starts the evening of the 25th). I've asked my travel agent to check on a car, or else I'll try to figure out public transportation to Glastonbury, spend the night and then go to Stonehenge and back to London the next day.

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Check out for directions to Glastonbury by public transport. You go by train from London then by bus on to Glastonbury. It may take more time than you have before your other tour starts. The car may be the better choice.