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Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice

Is it worth going out of ones way to see it at the time of the summer solstice? I understand it is surrounded by bob-wire....hmmmm.Does this detract? Would a better alternative be to explore the neolithic ruins of Ireland instead?

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Stonehenge is worth seeing, but if you plan on being there on the 21st of June be prepared for it to be crowded. Hundreds of people go there for the summer solstice. If I was you I would go on another day.

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I have looked into the Solstice. There are usually a ton of people there, but from what I can gather it is one of the few times you can have access to the rocks now adays. My wife and I plan to attend this year (hopefully) and are ready for the crowds. But do understand that the Solstice party starts the night before, and Sun rise is around 5 am