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Stockholm with toddler

Has anyone been to Stockholm with a toddler in the summer? I'm researching this as our next vacation spot and am wondering if its a child friendly place to go? Our little one will be just over 2 yrs old by then. Also, does anyone know the fastest route/airline to get from Toronto, Canada to Stockholm?

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I don't have a toddler, but Stockholm is a very child-friendly city. You will always see people out and about (regardless of the weather) with baby strollers. I think that the Swedes have the "Volvos" of baby strollers. Their baby strollers are equipped for rain, snow, ice, etc. On the city buses there is large area for baby strollers.

Stockholm is a beautiful and walkable city with many green parks and play areas. Your child may be too young, but Junibacken is a children's museum with lots of activities based on Astrid Lindgren books. Skansen also has a zoo and activities for children.

There are not many direct flights from North America to Stockholm. SAS flies directly from Newark and from Chicago. Other routes usually go through London, Frankfurt, or Copenhagen.

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I would also suggest that you check out Icelandair. They fly from Toronto.

I used them 2 years ago to fly to Stockholm from the states, and got a free stopoff in Iceland on the way home.

Very decent fares, too.

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Don't know if this helps, but we are headed for Sweden this spring and taking USAirways from Philadelphia to Stockholm. Perhaps they fly out of Toronto or Montreal
and you can connect? Good luck.

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Sweden is the most child-friendly place on earth. They don't have the world's lowest infant mortality rate for nothing. They are obsessed with good child care and good child rearing.

Have no fear, you and the toddler will be very comfortable in Sweden in summer (except for the rain).

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We travelled around Scandinavia with our then 8 month old and found Stockholm to be VERY child friendly. There are tons of things for little ones to see....the Vasa museum is great and there is a lot to see, not to mention it is located in a park that has Junibacken, a fairtale land with a train ride, and Skansen, a great zoo/museum. There are also some great boat rides, that our little one loved.
We flew Icelandair and they were fabulous with our little one. We still have some cute pictures of the stewardesses holding her and putting their uniform hats on her. Very sweet. I'm pretty sure they're fairly direct as well, however I'm not sure of their schedule from Canada.
If you have anyother questions about Scandinavia with a little one, let me know......we travelled all over for over a month with our wee one, so I have all kinds of ideas. :-)