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Stockholm archipelago

I am traveling to Sweden in November and would like to take a day trip from Stockholm to a town on the Stockholm archipelago. Would like to do some hiking/walking. Can anyone recommend a good place to do so? Many places look nice, I just don't know much about them. Am familiar with the local websites, am looking for recommendations of places that people enjoyed.

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Hi! I'm an avid watcher of Rick's tv show. 1st time posting. Went to Sweden & Norway several years ago. Stockholm is a great city, you will love it. They say hej! It means Hello/Hi. And tack means thanks. if you go to my website I have a scandinavian travel link page:
most of the sites have a search box: type in archipelago or stockholm archipelago. I got a lot of results.

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Hi Ellen,

I used to live in Stockholm. It is a fantastic city. November tends to be a bit cold and overcast. In November, you will be somewhat limited by the ferry schedule; they don't run as frequently in the off-season and there are not many services on the islands. So this might not be the best time to go hiking in the archipelago. I would really suggest that you go to Sweden House (where the main Tourist Information is) when you are in Stockholm and get advice on what island might be best this time of year.

I have been to a couple of islands. Grinda is a nice island that is just a couple hours from Stockholm but I don't know that much is open in winter. I also really liked Utö, but that is a bit farther and more complicated to get to as you need to take the local train and then a bus to get to the port. You can check this site to see the schedule for the boats.

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Ellen, I made my first trip to Stockholm this summer and loved all of the watery places to visit; that means I don't know about November, but I loved the info from It has a link to "outside Stockholm" and then archipelago. There you will find web sites of the islands with travel info, what is available, etc. Have a great time! I wish more people would step out and try that beautiful country.