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Stena Line Ferry

We are taking the Ferry from Hook Van Holland to Harwich(walk on). It takes 6 hour plus hours and does not arrive until 8PM. What I would like to know if there is any luggage storage aboard the ferry. Their web site does not indicate. Since we will be eating on board as well we do not want to drag our luggage all over.
Any insight to this dilemma would be appreciated.

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It's almost 30 years since I used that route, so I resorted to Google. This is what I found on the Stena website, in the Harwich port facilities section: Luggage Luggage trolleys are available that can be used to move your luggage both to and form the entrance of the ship. For passengers travelling on our day time sailings only we also offer the possibility to check-in luggage. This will stowed securely on the car deck during the crossing and will be available from the designated luggage reclaim area at the arrival port. And this from the site: On day sailings you have to check in your luggage. Only hand luggage is allowed on board.

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There are luggage lockers but make sure you have a day-bag for essentials as once locked up there's no getting at them until arrival. Most important advice I can give though - eat before you board and/or take food with you. The food is diabolically bad (think 1970's BR Sandwich bad). I only just came back from a short trip over with my Mother to see zeeland and meet up with family and it has got, impossible though it should have been, even worse. And, having a captive market, they definitely up the prices rather. Nearly £30 for dried-out stale chips so bad my mother sent hers back & demanded fresh (which were undercooked when they eventually arrived), a fish that looked less like fresh cod and more like a goldfish that had died of old age, and a schnitzel that would have made a passable replacement sole for my trainers. On the return leg we went overnight so we could eat at my aunts place near Utrecht and sleep the trip out; after 40-odd years of doing the trip that was the first time we bothered with the expense but it proved worth it as the cabins, surprisingly, were actually pretty decent! Go figure...