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Staying in Oxford vs. London

We are planning to spend around 4 days in the UK on our trip, focusing on London. I'm pretty sure we have a free place to stay in Oxford, so my question is, are the free accomodations worth the time/cost of the daily commute to London from Oxford, or should we just pay to spend at least a couple of nights in London itself?

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If you take a direct train the trip is 60 minutes, if the train makes stop the trip will be 90 minutes.

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Make sure that you factor the cost of getting to and from Oxford along with the time. Walk-up train fares are not cheap, particularly if you are traveling during peak hours.

Personally, if my focus were London, I would stay in London. If you are interested in doing things in the evening like going to shows or pub walks, I would absolutely stay in London.

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I love Oxford and there is plenty to see and do around there for 4 days (and more) but if you want to focus on London, I would stay in London.

It is a lot of travel time - would you really want to travel back and forth each day? Or even most days?

I do see the appeal of free accommodation - especially as London is so expensive.

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I'd definitely stay in London at least 2 nights just for the opportunity to go to the theatre in the evening. A very good value hotel is the Sanctuary House Hotel located just 2 blocks from Westminster Abbey(starts at £139 per night). I have stayed there and its quite clean and has a friendly pub on the ground level where you get your breakfast.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone! As it stands now, I think we will definitely spend at least a couple of nights in London. I'll start looking around for hostels.