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Staying in Abbeys/Convents in Ireland, England, Wales & Scotland

I'll be travelling from May 12th to May 27th, and would like to stay in some abbeys/convents along the way; hopefully, they will be in the country, but the city is o.k., too. I'd like to travel first to Ireland and then fly over to Scotland and ride the train down to London. Any suggestions how best to do this? Thanks much,

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We did both Scotland and Ireland in the same month-long trip in'02, and I would recommend one or the other, particulalrly since your time is limited (I'm assuming you want to spend some time in London). We had a car in both countries and were primarily out in the countryside so the scenery was similar.

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try this website. it lists all B&B's that are certified and inspected regularly. I found a castle in Bath that I could stay in.

also, in ireland you could try watersedge. it's in kenmare and noreen has been very helpful thus far.