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St Petersburg - Tallinn - Helsinki

For anyone who has been there, I'm looking for your suggestions for reasonable accommodations in Tallinn and Helsinki; late May, three nights in each city. I would like to be in the Old Town in Tallin and within a half mile from the city centre in Helsinki so that it's easily walkable.

Self-catering apartments would be fine, probably preferable, if they would rent for just three nights, and if the location is right. Since we're there in May I don't think AC is important, but Internet and cable is.

Price range: Double/Two twins: Thinking about $120 in Tallinn, $150 in Helsinki. Doable???

I've been reading reviews at TA and and don't know what to think. Sometimes I don't think posters are even talking about the same place, the comments can be so opposite and so far apart. I'd rather get some recommendations from people here that I actually "KNOW".

AND, from what I've researched, there is no longer any train service between St P and Tallinn, and the distance between the two doesn't justify a flight, so it looks like we will be taking the Eurolines bus from St P to Tallin. Has anyone done that? How was your experience?

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We've stayed in the Hotel Arthur in Helsinki. I believe it meets your distance criterion; it may slightly exceed your price limit.

In addition to the bus, you may want to consider the St. Peter Line ferry from St. Pete to Tallinn.

Have a great trip.

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I stayed at Hotel Anna in Helskinki. Probably fits your budget requirement. It's not exactly in the city center, but close enough, and there's a nearby tram stop. Probably about a 10 minute walk from the harbor market and a little longer to the main train station. I've stayed in nicer hotels, but for a city where lodgings tend to be pretty expensive, this one worked well enough.

If you're looking for an interesting dining experience, check out the Lap-themed Lappi Ravintola. I had some reservations when I saw the slightly kitschy decor, but the food was really good, if expensive.

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I'm back! In Tallinn we stayed at Villa Hortensia. The rooms are just what you are asking for I believe--apartments with kitchenettes near the center. Villa Hortensia is (was?) in the RS Scandinavia guidebook and fares well on TripAdvisor.