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I know I will have to buy an adaptor for any appliance I take. I am wondering if I will easily be able to accommodate my CPAP (breathing machine) which I must use at night when I sleep. We plan to travel to County Mayo, so am looking for a B&B that is reliable. Thx. Martha

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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When it comes to using it in Europe, a CPAP machine is no different from any other electric or electronic device. Look carefully (you may need a magnifying glass) at the specifications; they're often on the "brick" (transformer). If it says "100-240 volts" and "50-60 Hz", you're set. All you need is a plug adapter; Ireland uses the same kind as the UK, like the ones shown here (sorry, I can't get this to hotlink):
http://tinyurl.com/acadsc6 If the voltage is only 110-120 (but not above 200) and/or the cycles are only 60 (not 50), it will not work properly in Europe. You'll need to use a converter (of the correct kind, as there are several), get a new power supply for your current machine, or get a new CPAP. Most recent CPAP machines, like many other recent devices, are multi-voltage, and work find in Europe with just a plug converter. But do check to be sure, to avoid starting a fire, ruining your CPAP, shorting out your B&B, or some combination of these. As I said, what I just wrote about for a CPAP is equally true of a phone, camera battery charger, hair dryer, etc.