Southampton B&B and nearby towns for sightseeing

We finally made our decision on next year's trip. We will be flying into London before our cruise out of Southampton next Sept. Any recommendations for a B&B in Southampton? I am also interested in Brighton Palace and Dover and its wartime tunnels. After flying by coach umpteen hours to London, should we stay in London 1 night or immediately get on a train south? I realize London hotels are expensive, but we probably have some credit card points we could use if staying 1 night is the best thing to do. We've seen London many times and don't need to stay there longer. Should we base ourselves out of Southampton for a few days and go see Brighton and/or Dover or would it be best to train it south to one of those places from London and only end up in Southampton the day before the cruise? If we should stay in Brighton or Dover, any B&B recommendations? We won't have a car and I have bad knees so no hills (I adore cabs and the tube). Thanks.

Posted by Maggie
Boscombe, Dorset, UK
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Hi Debbie, I think if you're interested in going to Dover, you'd be better off staying in London and getting to Dover by train, or staying around Dover or Brighton. There are many B&B's around the area. Before you decide, best check your train times to see how long it will take you to get from there to Southampton. If you go directly to Southampton you'll have good transport links to the south central coast and the Isle of Wight. There's a lot of nice places to go on a day trip- Winchester, the Bournemouth/Poole area, Christchurch, Portsmouth, for example. Southampton itself is not so much a tourist destination. There's not so many B&b's. I'd suggest you have a look on but make sure you get something in the town centre, within easy reach of the train station and the docks, or you'll be spending a fortune on cabs.
Good luck!