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snowboarding in zermatt

My son is flying into amsterdam, staying a few days, then to munich for a couple days, and vienna a couple days. He doesn't want to drag his snowboard and boots to the first 3 cities, yet needs that equipment for a week of snowboarding in zermatt. Any suggestions? shipping them from amsterdam to zermatt once he arrives?

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Hi Peggy,
Do a Google search and you will find out all about ski and snowboard rental.
Go to and then type in - zermatt rent snowboard equipment - I tried it and came up with alot of web sites and references for rentals.
Another suggestion if he really is dead set on using his own equipment is check into having it sent to where he is staying in Zermatt.
My husband always takes his equipment because it is hard to get boots to fit him, but we always rent for our nephews when we travel. That way they also get to try different equipment for when they decided to someday purchase.

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thanks for the replies! I will check into the website, and he has some other possibilities to ship from amsterdam to zermatt. still checking on the details.