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Small cottage or Band B in Dingle

With a fireplace and a view of the ocean? My favorite place on earth,preferably near the location of Ryan's Daughter filming

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check out:

look up Dingle self-catering. I rented a beautiful thatched cottage in Co Clare in 2006 and look forward to a return trip to same cottage next june when I go home to visit the relations.

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Thank you! Is Dingle self catering a website? ??

Sounds perfect to wife and I just want to leisurely tour the penisula, sit by a fire in the winter and read......thanks for your kind reply

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Will, if you go to and enter "Dingle selfcatering" you will get numerous links to places you could rent.

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Sorry about the confusion. You also can basically google "dingle self-catering" and you will get alot of options. On the website options are on the right hnd side of the site.

You will LOVE self-catering.

I self-catered my last trip home to visit my relations (my mam is from ireland) and will be self-catering when I go home to visit in June 2009.

I rented a lovely townhouse w/in walking distance from Galway's City Centre and it was wonderful & great for visiting my Galweaian relations.

My second week I rented a thatched cottage in Co Clare in the Burren; which was incredible and was the BEST thing I have ever done. It was a great base for my leasiurely study of the Burren and environs. Also, great base for visiting w/my Clare relations.

Good luck. ... If you have any questions, please ask. slan

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I doubt I'll ever stray from self-catering for any extended stays. Especially during these pricey times.

Find a central location and make day trips. Cook and clean for yourself, come and go as you wish etc.

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try as another resource............

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"Vacation rentals by owner"

You can usually work out a great price by going directly throught the owner or manager.

Ahhhh Dingle so pretty!