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sleeping in the airport

I will be ending my honeymoon in late October, flying out of Dublin at 6:45am. Given the time we'd have to be awake to get dressed, catch a bus or taxi and get to the airport, I debated about sleeping in the airport. We could definitely use the savings of not paying for another night in Dublin too! Does anyone have any experience at the Dublin airport? Or, alternatively, inexpensive accommodations close to the airport?

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Dublin is not that big of an airport.

I'd stay up late and head to the airport later.

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I have no idea what their rates are but there is a Holiday Inn Express that has an airport shuttle and is only 10-15 minutes from airport.

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Tim, what a great website...

According to Airport Reviews, Dublin is slightly better than average (3.6 points out of 5)...looks like a potential solution (for those much younger than me).

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I haven't slept in Dublin airport, but I have at Heathrow, and it was no big deal. There were lots of people doing the same thing, and there is lots of activity (maintenance work, etc.) so it doesn't feel unsafe at all. I'm sure it's the same at Dublin.

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Reading the web page "sleeping in airports" will help. Look for closing time and whether guards will eject you after a certain time. Take eyeshades if you can't sleep under lights.

I have slept in the airport at San Francisco; it was a very pleasant experience. My wife and I slept at Milano without problem--except the cleaning crew moving in at 5 am.

Always walk throughout the airport to find the best place first. Look for seats without armrests and which are a long way from the traffic and airline counters.

Claim it as early as you can because it may not be available when you return for it.

In both airports we found many other travelers bedded down on sleeping bags or even on luggage. You won't be alone in Dublin.

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Thanks to everyone for your responses.

I did look at the website provided and I think we've decided thats our best course of action.

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And if you don't get a lot of actual sleep, you can always sleep on the plane home.