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Single Woman Traveling in Britain

I plan on taking a group tour of Britain hopefully in 2008
I am a single woman and will be traveling alone. Are there any suggestions or things I should be aware of that will help me? I want to have as much fun and learn as much as I can on my trip.

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There is an archived section regarding women travelers / travelling alone. Good luck!

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As a frequent solo traveler, I salute you! I find the best thing is to do some homework about where you're going. Check out guidebooks from the library, make a list of sights. Read fiction and non fiction about your destination. Research the internet. Make a plan for your free time. Give yourself permission to be OK with eating alone, and also OK with eating a picnic dinner (dinner is the hardest meal in my opnion for the solo traveler).

I took Rick Steves' best of Italy (17 day) tour solo, so if you're doing that, some tips. You'll probably share a room with someone you don't know. Prep your mind for that and bring earplugs. Be open and friendly with your roommate and fellow tourmates - don't expect them to invite you along on their adventures, but be gracious when they do. I met super cool people this way. As stated above, plan for your free time so you aren't at a loss for what to do next. Most of all - have a blast, life is too short!

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I did the Best of Britain tour last year by myself and had the best time ever. There was only one other solo woman on the tour, but I never felt alone. Keep in mind that people who take tours usually don't do so to spend time by themselves so you will always feel included. In the evenings, which is when you might feel alone the most, there are usually fun walking tours you can do - Literary Pub Tour in Edinburgh, Bizarre Bath in Bath and London Walks has several each night so if you don't feel comfortable going to a pub alone and want to, they are a great way to go with other people and learn something along the way. Also, a lot of churches have evensong or concerts. You will most likely run into other tour members there. Make a list of the things you want to do and I bet you will find other tour members to go with you. If not, just go by yourself. Because of the great guidance I received in getting around London, I am returning this year for four days by myself. Have fun.

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Jackie - I applaud your spirit! The fact that you've decided to go on your own tells me that you're exactly the type of person who'll have a marvelous time on your trip. I can only speak for London/Windsor area but on our last trip there, we found the people to be extremely kind, helpful and informative - if one is mindful of their manners and not loud or boisterous. We also found lots of folks, locals and other travellers, who were up for a chat at the pub or while having a sit-down on a bench. Start with a friendly question and see what goes from there. They LIKE people who appear genuinely interested and appreciative of their country/customs/history/etc. I would feel very comfortable going back on my own - I felt very safe and that help was at hand if I needed it. Just watch your valuables as you would would in any large American city, and avoid conversations (political/religious) that you would avoid with strangers at home. Have a great trip!!!

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Hope it is a Rick Steves' tour. All you need to take is a good attitude and a smile. You will definitely have a great time.

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You will have a great time. Don't be afraid to do things on your own even at night. Britain is a much safer country then the US. Of course, you have to use your common sense. I have used the tube at night and haven't had any trouble. There is so much to see and do so don't let traveling alone hold you back from doing anything you want.