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Should I buy a London Pass

I am wondering if it's worth it to purchase the London Pass with Travel? It's on sale right now, but I have been reading conflicting views on if it's worth it or not. I will be in London for 4 days - Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

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Do the math. Look at the list of places you want to visit. See if they are on he London Pass. Add up the cost of what it costs for each of those sites/activities if you were to buy directly. See if it's less money or more money than the pass. Note that some places listed in the London Pass guide are inherently free to begin with, but it may get you some little extra like a guided tour that other wise would cost you a few quid.

I did a three day London Pass for my trip. I think it was about a wash, though it might have been a slightly better deal if one of the places I wanted to see wasn't closed for the time we were there. (Royal Muse) Also, crowds were light, so really no major benefit with avoiding a long line. Only time we really avoided a bit of a line was at Westminster Abbey. We saved maybe 5-10 minutes. Also, I suppose it was somewhat more convenient to not deal with cash or credit cards. But that's really super minor. I did it without the travel option. We just used Oyster cards with PAYG balance.

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If you buy the pass, don't get the travel option. For four days, you're better of with PAYG Oyster or a 7day TravelCard for zones 1-2.

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Unless you really rush from place to place, it won't be worth the money. They claim that it's an advantage to bypass the ticket windows but really, it's doesn't make a huge difference at most places in my opinion. Prioritize what you want to see and do those things at a pace so that you can see what you want without feeling like you have to move on to get your money's worth. Just get an Oyster card, load it up, and go. Buy tickets when you get to the places you want to see, and enjoy!

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As far as price, I agree with Jeff- it was a wash. I did the two day pass, without the travel component. BUT you don't have to wait in line which was a huge time saver at certain sites like the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. So unless you know you only want to see a few things, I think it was worth it. Have fun!

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Don't forget the 2 for 1 deals you can get if you buy National Rail issued paper Travelcards, you get the same travel coverage as the Transport for London travelcards which are loaded on to the Oyster Card system. As you are in London for 4 days you would have to buy the 1 day version each day.

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To anyone who reads this thread and DOES want to purchase a London Pass with or without Travel, they're on sale through today. So hurry! I bought mine yesterday for our March trip because it IS worth the money for the sites that we want to see. (The 3 day) I've chosen to get the 7 day Travelcard because it's only 31.40 Pounds for 7 days (zones 1 and 2). (We'll be there five nights.) My mind was spinning trying to do the math and just figure out how all these deals work (London Pass, 2for1, etc) and I'm SO glad to be done and just have a pass "in hand"! Oh, and to save another 7 Pounds, we're going to go pick the pass up in person!