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Shakespeare - The Globe

Personally can't imagine going to London and NOT seeing a Shakespearean play. But there is also the National Theatre and Broadway shows besides the Globe. Any suggestions on what is best?

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We went to the Globe and it was fantastic! A word of warning though, the romantic idea of watching the play standing at the foot of the stage just like the audience did in Shakespeare's day was only romantic for the first act; then it was just a little painful for feet that had been tromping around London for three days prior. My husband and I agreed that next time, we'd pretend to be richer patrons and spring for the seats!

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The Globe is truly a magical experience, but don't attend as a groundling and do spend the extra to get a padded cushion for the balcony seats---they're narrow and HARD otherwise. Go early enough or go another day to take the tour.

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I competely agree. DONT DO THE GROUNDLING! You could end up like me, and I fainted half way through the preformance. I have never fainted in my life, and i did there! They do have a "good recovery" stratgy though, and a place to lay you down and put your feet up in the shade. But resist the urge to be cheap and pay for a seat!

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I haven't attended a play at the Globe, but I did attend a play in the West End a few years ago, which was fantastic. "Private Lives" starring Alan Rickman and Lindsay Duncan. You can't get much better than that.

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My husband and I absolutely LOVE London theatre. We go to lots of musicals. I saw Cats 15 times!! Because of the time we grew up in, we love Mama Mia and Queen's We Will Rock You (my husband has to be Queen's biggest fan). Albemarle's of London has a good website to check out theatre seats and book tickets.