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I want to go to Ireland in September and tour the Republic
by bus or share expenses of someone who is driving a car
and touring the country I am a "young" 70 year old female
If possible, I would like to take a ferry to Wales

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Have you considered a tour? There are many good ones available. Some of them are organized by the Irish board of tourism. Rick Steves also does tours. His are designed for very active travelers.

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Anne, as a 'young' nearly 67 year old, I would endorse George's suggestion you take an organised tour. I did this on my very first trip to Ireland. You can catch a ferry from Ireland to Pembroke in Wales.

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Check out the Rick Steves tours. There are always some "young" 70 year olds. We have done 4 RS tours and they have all been wonderful. We are also in your age group. You could ferry to Wales after the tour ends.

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Anne, Have you checked this site under HELP European Travel Partners Wanted?

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I'd also highly recommend a 14-day Rick Steves Ireland tour, as they're incredible! However, as the others mentioned these are tailored more for those that can tolerate lots of walking and carrying their own luggage. As you stated you're a "young 70-year old", you likely wouldn't have any problems with that.

IMO, the tour provides a much better view of the complicated history of Ireland and of course a nice group of travel companions.

Good luck and happy travels!