self service laundry near Covent Garden?

Hi, we will be staying near Covent Garden in May. Does anyone know of a self service laundry in that area? Thanks a bunch, Sue

Posted by Tod
San Diego, CA, USA
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I used to find a laundry near my hotel in London. Unfortunately it's not turning up anything in Covent Garden - only dry cleaners. You can add nearby neighborhoods by filter and see how close you can get. It looks like Bloomsbury or Shoho is a better bet.,Covent_Garden,Leicester_Square,Soho,Strand%5D&show_filters=1 When I was there I stubbornly tried to do some laundry myself and ended paying for the service which turned out to be only a few pounds more. Given the time to cost ratio I recommend using the laundry service rather than trying to self serve and using that time to see other things. Hope that helps,