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seating at the Apollo Victoria theater

Hi, I am trying to buy the least expensive tickets to Wicked at the Apollo Victoria theater. Can anyone tell me if I am pretty close to the front (like 5-8 rows back) but off to the very side, will I still have a good view or is this theater one in which the side seats have a poor view that close to the front? Thank you!!

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The Apollo is a very large theater in terms of seating capacity, but oddly has a very small stage. Thus it's important to get seats in the middle of a row.

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Thanks Bonne - What a great web site. I checked the seating chart which was much more detailed than ticketmaster's, then read the reviews of seats right near where my cheaper seats were by people who had seen the show from there. They said they were fine seats. I was able to get 3 seats in a pretty OK spot for 20 pounds each! I saved 40 pounds+ per ticket (they were normally 60 pounds and are not sold at the discount ticket place)or about 240 dollars for the 3 of us. It made the difference between seeing the show and not being able to afford it so THANK YOU!!!

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You're welcome! Make sure you get something that says "Wicked - London" on it. I've been offered $$ for my Lion King London t-shirt! I thought it was funny and there was no way I was giving it up! Something you could grab - a Wicked Poster - it typically has the theatre info on it. A cool momento from your trip to the theatre!
Enjoy your trip! Give London a big hello from me!