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Seating at Palace Theater in London

We'll be in London next week (!!) and I just noticed tickets are still available for Spamalot. We have options for either the balcony or the stalls. The seating charts don't tell me a whole lot. Would it be a wasted experience to book something in the balcony? Of course I like to save money, but no point in saving a few bucks if you can't see the show well. I now always spend the extra for shows in Sacramento or San Francisco to get in closer, but have no idea how the Palace is laid out. Anyone seen shows there and have recommendations?

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Try this address:
1. Click on West End musicals
2. choose Spamalot
3. on the screen, look for the orange and blue box "seating plan" on your screen right.

By the way, I have bought tickets through albemarle in 2002 and also for this July 2 and 3. The service was fast and prompt.

We saw Spamalot in New York from front row first balcony seats---we saw everything just fine. It's not like Phantom where it's hard to see some of the vertical action.

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Kathy - The theater is pretty small, so you will probably have a decent view almost anywhere except the back rows of the balcony or any seat designated as having an obstructed view. They do use the entire stage including both sides for the performance. I do remember that the theater was quite warm downstairs in Dress Circle and there were lots of stairs.

Spamalot tickets are also often on sale at the Leicester Square tkts booth for a discount. It's not a guarantee that they will be available, but you can stop by the ticket booth and see what is available that evening. Last year we got 5th row (almost) center tickets for Spamalot at the tkts booth at a 45% discount. The year before we were able to get half price 2nd row center seats for The Producers.

If you have your heart set on seeing Spamalot, then you should probably book now. I'm all for shopping at a discount, but in this case I would get the better seats... We made the mistake of getting balcony seats to save money on a San Francisco performance of Jersey Boys last year - will never do that again! If you are flexible on what you see, then try getting same day tickets.

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We saw SpamAlot last year at the Palace and enjoyed the show. We were in the back Balcony and it was very high. My kids kept calling it the Nose Bleed seats. The view was fine, but we were very high up.
If I were to do it again, I'd spend a little more money to get Orchestra or Dress Balcony to get a little closer.
One last advice that I discovered and recommend: Buy your Intermission drinks BEFORE the show. You order and pay the bartender before the show. He or she gives you a number and tells you where your drinks will be stationed. At intermission, you go out to that spot and your drinks will be there waiting for you! No lines. First discovered that trick twenty years ago.
From your comments, I think you'd be happier to spend the extra money and get closer. I know I wish I had.
Just make sure whatever seats you get don't have obstructed views.

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Kathy, I got my tickets on They're similar to our Mezzanine seats, and i got row "B" but more to the left. I saved about 15 bucks off each ticket, and I'll get them at willcall.

The Palace is intimate. Its not a huge theatre. Remember you don't want to be too close since its a musical.

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Thank you all for the suggestions!! We're looking forward to our adventures starting next week!

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We use Albemarle of London for all of our tickets. They are reliable and have good seating diagrams. Check them out.

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We saw Spamelot at the Palace last year. It's a small theatre with several balconies. As long as you don't get a seat in the highest balcony (yup, nose bleeds) you'll be fine. Since the show has been running for quite some time now it's rarely sold out and you should be able to get very good discounted seats at Leicester Square.

Do go to the OFFICIAL booth, it's quite large right next to the square. There are numerous smaller outfits in the area that call themselves discounters. But not all are for real. I made the mistake to get my tickets there and got scammed. Payed for dress circle and got the LAST row in the highest balcony. Fortunately, the theatre was only 3/4 full and the very friendly staff seated us in a balcony below our original tickets. It was a wonderful experience!

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Thanks. I noticed there are still a number of seats daily left, so we're going to take our chances. We don't know yet when we'll be back that day from Bath, so we'll try for day of the show discounts if we can. Turns out my daughter just didn't that excited about Monty Python (she's 17 - I forget that whole generation missed out :-)). I sure would like to see it though!!