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Scotland & The Lakes

My sister & I are planning a 10-night trip to Scotland & the Lake District of England for late Sept-early Oct. We were going to start with a weekend in Edinburg, rent a car to continue on to the Highlands (4 nights) circle through the Lake District (3 nights) and return to Edinburgh to fly home. Any hints on lodging in Edinburgh, where to go & stay in the Highlands, or any other brilliant advice? Thanks a lot! ---Joe in Orlando

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Hi Joe,

I did a similar albeit much more rushed trip last fall. We stayed in Edinburgh for 2 nights (not enough time). I rented a appartment as there were 4 in our party....the nicest, cleanest, most central and beutifully furnished and equipt place you could imagine.

I highly recomend it!

In Loch Ness we stayed on the Loch side rather than in Inverness at the Clansman Hotel, very nice, a little pricey but amazing-amazing view. Perfect place to explore the Loch, boat tours leave just out front. Very close to Urqurt Castle, etc.

Hope this helps,


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I stayed 3 nights at the Royal Garden Aparthotel in Edinburgh, great place with full kitchen and fully furniches apartment. laundry downstairs. 2 nights in Edinburgh is barely enough if you really want to absorb the sights.
As far as the Highlands, I only went on a bus tour, byt the Loch is definitely beautiful and interesting so I would check on Melissa's suggestion

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For a care try Arnold Clark Car Hire. I have used them a number of times with great rates and service and insurance is included.

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Any trip to the highlands should include going to Glencoe or Rannoch Moor, if you have the time. That's where you'll find traditional scenery, and the pubs are generally full of happily flushed walkers who've been out on the hills. Also, it's not too far out of the way, so it's manageable by car, especially if you'll visit Loch Ness as well. Happy trails, kathleen

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Check out the Royal British Hotel. It is across the street from the train staion in Edinburgh. I'd strongly discourage a car in Scotland! Parking in Edinburgh is aweful. Trains are easy to use and there are great day tours where someone else does the driving.

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My sister and I did a similar trip four years ago. We had a blast! We rented a car in Prestwick (near Glasgow) drove to Edinburgh then Inverness. Then we drove along Loch Ness on the North side. This, in my opinion, is the most beautiful drive in the world. We drove into Ft. Williams. Stayed at Glen Nevis. Then onto Loch Lomond. Then into the Lake District and stayed in Windemere. What a fabulous area! We stayed at Hostels and had a room to ourselves in each location except Loch Lomond where we stayed in a mansion that was on land once occupied by Robert the Bruce's hunting lodge. Here the hostel had three other girls in the room with us. We had the most fantastic conversations with everyone we met.
Scotland is by far my favorite country because of it's intense diversity. The people go far beyound their duty to accomodate you and how can you not fall in love with the brogue?
Parking in Edinburgh was easy. Our hostel had parking and we walked everywhere. Have fun!

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Parking in Edinburgh has changed a LOT in the last four years. The pay to park area has expanded greatly, which means that almost all on-street parking in the city centre and not-so-centre is metered and time limited. And the parking attendants are REALLY strict. In addition, there are a number of events on weekends in the early fall for which parking is even more restricted.

It is possible to find a hotel or hostel with parking, but the best approach is to spend a few days in the city and then pick up a rental car at the airport as you head out from Edinburgh to other adventures.