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Scotland in November

A friend and I are trying to plan a trip to Scotland this year, but due to schedule conflicts, won't be able to make it until November. We really wanted to do some hiking while in Scotland (in particular we were considering part, or all of, the Great Glen Way), but are worried about the weather, and the potential drabness of November scenery (I don't know about Scotland, but November where I live tends to be nothing but gray and brown). I should mention that we're fairly hardy in general, and have even done a little winter camping. Nevertheless, I would like any advice from those who have traveled in Scotland in late fall/early winter. Thanks in advance!

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I haven't been to Scotland in November, but I've hiked in Ireland at the same time. I don't think either location really has a "dry season", and wet, gray weather is par for the course no matter when you go. The weather ranged from cool and sunny to cooler and cloudy, plus or minus rain. You're going to encounter rain no matter when you go, so just be prepared for it.

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The big thing to remember would be lack of daylight!

Check out the rucksack publisher website, they do guide books to the Great Glenn Way and other long distance treks. They have a great forum section(like here) where you can get knowledgeable answers to your specific great glenn questions.


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Yes, the issue will be light November 1 the sunset doesn't come up until 7:20 and sets at 4:32. The Great Glen is further north so you'll have fewer hours of sunlight. By the end of the month add an hour to sunrise and the sun is setting at 3:45. So rather than long distance walks, you might want to look into some shorter day hikes. There are lots of wonderful walks/hikes that are shorter, but terrific. Temps are chilly. It looks like the range is 2 to 7.4 degrees Celsius. Pam