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Scotland Adventures

I will be staying in Edinburgh for 3 nights at the end of June, and was planning on taking a day to rent a car and kind of explore Scotland independently.
Any suggestions of what might be a good route or a must-see?


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Are you just looking for day trips? If you've not been to Edinburgh before you'll want to spend sometime exploring the city. As for day trips from Edinburgh, there lots of options. Perthshire is not far and if you just get north to Pitlochry on the main road and then head south on the back roads. I would get off the A9 at Queens View and head west to Tummel Bridge and head south over the mountain. You can drive west to Glen Lyon or head toward Aberfeldy and Loch Tay. If you're a golfer, St. Andrews is reasonable close. Check out the coastal towns in Fife. You could head to the Trossachs. I took a boat ride on a steamship on Loch Katrine.. It might be a bit far. Or you could take a tour south to see the Borders. Go to Melrose and see the Abby and check out Sir Walter Scott's house. Traquir House is is a little further on. It had a great maze and was and interesting place with Prince Charlie connections.

Have fun! You'll have nice long days in June.


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This site is great, but I'm going around the same time (on a RS tour actually) and have found a wealth of information. You might want to check out that site too.

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We rented a car in Edinburgh to see Stirling Castle. It was nice but I am sure there are better things to see.

Word of caution about renting a will be driving on the other side of the road shifting with your left hand. My husband side-swiped a truck. It would have ended up being cheaper to hire a limo after paying the deductible/damage to the rental car.

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A bus tour! If you are a student, or around that age, this particular one is for you! Look at

-a group of us stayed in Edinburgh for a time. We took a one-day bus tour through the highlands--we saw Stirling Castle, had lunch in Calander, drove through the Trossachs, and ended at a Whiskey distillery. We were back in Edinburgh that night.

-great way to meet other travelers, as well

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I am also heading to scotland for 3 days in September and this is what i have planned

Day 1, check in and have a wander around in Edinburgh, then do a ghost tour at night (1/2 day)

Day 2, Do a hop on Hop Off Tour of Edinburgh, go to a pub that night (1 full day)

Day 3, do a day tour with Highland Experience I'm doing the Monsters, Mountains & Massacres tour (1 full day)

Day 4, possibly head out to Rosslyn Chapel then head back to London (1/2 day)

I am travelling on my own, so this works well for me :) The cost of hiring a car for oly 3 days would work out mroe expensive in my case :)

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In reply to the driving in England thread. I've driven there with no difficulty. For me, the motorways (freeways) were the easiest. Just remember that exits are to the left, and the left lanes are slow lanes. Roundabouts are easy.
Watch out for the B roads. They are often one lane with two way traffic and places to pull off (to the left side) to meet oncoming traffic. The speed is not too slow either on those roads.
A friend advised me to rent an automatic, and I was glad I did that. The pedals, etc. are exactly as they are here, just on the right side.
Take out the extra insurance, and have a good time. It's really not bad at all. In fact, I had fun knowing I was fully insured just in case something happened.
I'm getting ready to repeat the experience in July. We're driving all the way from London to Inverness.

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Thomas; I am wondering how many hours will it take to drive from London to Inverness, not counting meal or sight seeing stops? Thanks

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560 miles London to Inverness, 9 and 1/4 hrs driving time not including stops of any type or traffic problems of any type getting around Edinburgh, etc, perfect conditions--add for all stops and deviations from the expressway route, etc. It's not normally done in one day (if that's not obvious).

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Seriouly consider NOT driving. Trains are easy to use and let you enjoy the sites without having to deal with driving hassesls (wrong side, horrendous gas prices, parking, etc). You can do day trips by train or with many Scottish companies to places like Inverness, Aviemore, Glasgow, etc. Or take the train and stay in Inverness- it's our favorite Scottish destination after more than 40 trips to the UK. Lots to do, see and experinece.