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My husband and I will be traveling by car to Pitlochry, Inverness and Oban 1st week of October. Should we book rooms ahead or can we waiting until we arrive in the towns?

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You can make the trip more economically using trains and busses. I don't know there you are beginning your journey but there might be a tourist information office. People there can make reservations for you or help you make them. Pitlochry is a jumping off point for the mountains so there are quit a few visitors there all year round. You will want to have reservations there before you arrive. We had good luck finding a hotel room in Inverness when we arrived when you expect to. We arrived by bus, asked a cop where the hotels were and after he pointed them out we found accomodations. Inverness is also popular so it might be a good idea to do some research and plan ahead. Oban is wonderful. We were there on a ferry day trip from Islay, sorry I can't help you there. Always find the tourist iformation centers. They can help and always do.

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Yes, of course you can travel by train to these places, but if you can afford a car, you'll enjoy the driving. Be sure to get off the A9 and the main roads. I've not traveled in October, but when I have traveled in September, I've been able to find single beds for the most part. Sometimes I paid a bit more, but in general you should not have a problem since you're a couple. It'w we singles that sometimes have trouble. All that said, if you are traveling on a weekends, double check to see if there is a holiday or special local festival when you plan to be there. For example, in the third week of October, there is a music festival in Perthshire, I think in Dunkeld, but possibly Aberfeldy. So, when that festival is going rooms are scarce. I googled Pitlochry events and got several links to check. What you might want to do is book the weekend and catch as catch can the rest. Also, if you have your heart set on a particular hotel or B&B you need to book that in advance. Pam

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I've always found the car to be cheaper than buses and rail service or at least comparable on my trips. I use and then scour the web to find a lower price they can match. Nothing beats having a car for the freedom to look around, etc. I always book ahead, but that's just me.