Scandinavian Saunas

5.0 out of 5 stars Holy Bible of Travel October 13, 2012 By Samtrak Amazon Verified Purchase Rick's focus on details is amazing. His travel tips made my recent trip to Scandinavia a truly unforgettable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Helskinki and Oslo by tram as he suggested. The personable Oslo driver was my personal tour guide through the vibrant people-friendly Nordic capital. The wood-burning neighborhood suana in Helsinki and the grand classic Central Badet Spa in Stockholm (recommended by Rick) were the highlights of my trip...competing with the magnificent Flam Railway in Norway for pleasure appeal. Talking about social issues, health care, politics, sex, race, immigration, Obama--and just about everthing else you can think of--with a bunch of uncut naked males was stimulating to say the least! THANK YOU RICK. If you are planning a trip check with Rick Steves first. His travel dvds are also superb.

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