Scandinavian Cruise

I hate to say, but we ditched the Easterm Europe trip since my mom's hips are so bad. We decided we might like to take a Scandinavian cruise. We have looked at a few cruise line websites but can't seem to find a cruise with all the places we like to see. We want to see: Copenhagen, Fjords of Norway. Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn. Price? No idea! Are there any cruises that includes all of these places? Thanks! We would like to fly into Copenhagen and leave around June of 2014. For 3 adults.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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We went on a Baltic cruise in 2010 out of Copenhagen, that included Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn (plus Gdansk). I liked starting out of Copenhagen because we wasted less time getting into the Baltic area. Oslo is a little further out of the way, much rarer to see it included in the itinerary. Most cruises that include Oslo may come from Amsterdam or London. We were also happy to skip Warnemunde as a port because we've seen lots of Germany and the port isn't really a handy conduit to see Berlin. It's pretty easy to find something that includes Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, St. Petersburg (I'd recommend one that stops two days there), and Tallin. You will see a wide range of prices, from a couple thousand to four or five times that. The best way to decide on the cruise line/ship that appeals to you is by researching on There are reviews for everything that floats. Even if your preferences are different than the reviewers, you can get an idea of which are right for you. The fjord cruises are a completely separate itinerary. There may be some cruises that cover both the Baltic and the fjords - but they're likely to be well over two weeks and really costly. I'd suggest a search at You can put in all of your hoped for port of calls and see what you get, then play with them until you find some options that work within your available time and budget.