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Scandinavia in September?

What's the weather like in September in Scandinavia? My wife and I almost always travel in the shoulder seasons, and aside from the occasional rainy day have really enjoyed going to Europe in fall (Sept/Oct.) Just curious if the weather is still decent in Scandinavia in September.

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i was in Oslo, STockholm and Copenhagen last Sept. Cloudy/overcast with some sunshine thrown in. It sprinkled in Stockholm for a day or 2. it was cooler for the natives, but for me it was warmer where i could wear my Long Sleeve shirt and be happy.

your mileage may vary

Happy trails.

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Unless you're talking about the far north, the most populated areas of the Scandinavia generally have a surprisingly mild climate. As long as you're not expecting Mediterranean sun, the weather is very pleasent. Sweater and jacket weather, mostly.

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I spent one September in Schlesswig, Germany near the Danish border. It was cool, almost always jacket weather and often rainy, sometimes hard rain. It wasn't horrible but a little on the cool and wet side for tourism. When I chose to visit Scandinavia I chose late July/early August, based on my experience and reviews from others. Our time was well chosen, it was nice enough to visit a beach in Zealand and downright hot in St. Petersburg, but we still had one rainy day and one stormy day.