On May 16 we are starting a trip to Helsinki, Tallin, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhague. Is it possible to find accomodations in bed and breakfasts for less than 100 euros per room per night?

Posted by Charlie
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All of those places are covered by RS Scandinavia Guide Book. You might want to get a copy (buy or find in a library) to see what information it contains related to places to stay. You can order one elsewhere on this web site. It has lots of good information that we used when we traveled in that area a couple of time.

Posted by Douglas
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The website Tripadvisor is another great online resource. It has user ratings and reviews of hotels and B&B's. The prices shown are just averages, but can also give you a sense of the relative cost for each. If you find some that seem promising, you can visit their website directly for actual prices and online specials.

Posted by Sharon
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We did a similar trip last spring. We found some reasonably-priced accommodations but not always in B & B's. In Copenhagen we stayed at International B & B with a shared bath for around $120 U.S. In Stockholm we stayed at the Omena Hotel - they also have locations in Helsinki and Copenhagen. In Tallinn we liked Go Hotel Shnelli. We did not go to Oslo.

Posted by Brad
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We went to Copenhagen July/August and paid about $125 per room in decent hotels that cater to business travel (often a good deal outside of convention season). Both hotels we stayed included breakfast, which isn't the norm in Scandinavia like it is elsewhere in Europe (normally add 20 euro for breakfast for two). Scandinavia isn't cheap but you may be able to stay in that range. Start, as was said earlier, by checking - you can search B&B's and/or budget hotels. Hostels are another budget option. Many now have private rooms, but I usually find a budget hotel option for the same price (or better) as a private hostel room.

Posted by Sharon
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We will be staying at the Cab Inn in Copenhagen - we have stayed there twice before. It's very clean but small like a ship's cabin. We are paying $150 a night - this does not include breakfast - that's extra; however, one of the times we stayed there before included breakfast in the price as a special. We've stayed at recommended Rick Steves' hotels twice in Stockholm - very few B&B's - they have been in the countryside and have been ones that were arranged by my cousin who lives there.

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Thank you fellow travelers for your responses. We already have RS book of Scandinavia and checked tripadvisor. We were hoping for best hidden secrets of Scandinavia accomodations.
Happy travels!

Posted by Edgar
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Be aware that unlike most US hotels, Scandinavian hotels price by the person. A double person room cost more than a single person room.]