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Scams in UK?

I was reading the Scam Alert section on the Graffiti Wall and I noticed that there are lots of tips about scams in mainland europe (especially France and Italy). I have never heard anything about scams in England, Scotland, or Ireland. Has anyone encountered any (other than basic pickpocketing) that it would be good to know about?


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Rick mentioned scams in the "red light" district, where they have the girlie shows. Otherwise, in my multiple times going to London, I have never encountered any problems except watching your bags and minding the gap.

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"Mind the gap" also reminds me of my first trip to London as a teenager in 1972. We got a big laugh out of the signs leading out of the tube, labelled "Way Out." We sure thought London was a "way out" place to be back then!

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There are dangers to be aware of. Some years ago a documentary was made about one of our former British colonies that has sadly gone down hill since independence. It outlined the scams and dangers an unwary tourist will be subjected to on any vacation. In the documentary the two unwary visitors were robbed of all their valuables and ended up having to sleep in the park. The documentary was conducted by Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis and is called ‘The Out-Of-Towners’. You should be able to get a copy at any good video and DVD rental store.

Just take sensible precautions and wear a money belt and enjoy !

P.S. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse for tourists in our former colony they released a documentary called ‘Deliverance’ – that is really scary !

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Haha Jack Lemmon makes the best documentaries!

Thanks everyone, I was curious since I hadn't heard of any scams in those places (I don't intend to be spending time in the red light district so it should be all good =)

As for CCTV the band 'The Get Out Clause' from Manchester has been taking advantage of all the cameras; they've produced a video almost entirely shot on CCTV cameras. Check it out, it's pretty neat,-Manchester's-stars-of-CCTV-cameras.html

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Beward of handwritten "beware of pickpocket" signs. It is sometimes a scam in itself, because by instinct, most of us will grab for our wallet or check our money belt to make sure it is safe, and the pickpockets are seeing just where we have our stuff. If you see a "beware of pickpockets" sign anywhere, and you want to check your money, you should go somewhere private and do so.