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Scam warn: Hands away from

To all tourists or future tourists, who intend to make a city trip to London, Two weeks ago we booked via an appartment in London and lost evidently a lot of money. The homepage has disappeared in the meantime, but the appartements are advertised still at other holiday portals like / . The appartements are really an "occasion" for the central location being really low prize, payment is to be done via Western Union (the fraudsters urge that there is a lot of traffic and there will be "first come first serve", which we believed in th Olympic Year 2012). There will be a discount offered when the booking fee and the security deposit will be paid in one sum. Possibly the Western Union Recipient is also a victim whom we would like to come to know via this board. Her name ist Joanna Clarkson. After transmitting a copy of you ID you will get a booking confirmation (as jpeg document) . One week later you will get an extra company administration fee of 300 Pound extra also payable via Western Union. The transaction email is Home Away Ext. <[email protected]>.
After booking we found a link, which opened us our eyes ... -rent-scam (which dates from 2009 and documents that the fraudsters could not be stopped until now) Appartements advertised are called "Monck place" / "Draycott place" / "marsham place" / "Hans place" / "Gloucester place" / "Hyde park place" / "Rosemoore place" / "Basil place" / "Manson place" / "Craven hill place". We believe that all appartments do not exist. Therefore hands away. We hope that we can help you with this to avoid our experience and enjoy your stay in London.

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Just a question - if trying to get a place to stay in London in England why would you use a website registered in Pitcairn Island (of Mutiny on the Bounty fame)? I see you live in Germany - would .pn have raised an eyebrow? And Western Union payments which are completely untraceable?