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Sail and Rail

I plan on taking theferry from Dublin to HollyHead and my wif and I are getting up in years. How do you manage your luggage. Also How long does it taketo go from Dublin to London?. Is ther any stops where we haveto change trains and how does the luggage get from one train to another.

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1. You hump it yourself. 2. About four hours from Holyhead. Ferry times are either two hours or three and a half hours, depending on which company you use. 3. One at Chester, or none, depending on the departure time. 4. You hump it yourself.

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About the luggage, what Ed said. Being required to handle your own luggage in every kind of situation is one of the primary reasons to pack light using the typical 22" or smaller carry on bags and a purse or tote or messenger bag as is so often mentioned on the Helpline. I don't know how high up in years you are, but my husband at 65 still uses an RS convertible backpack. He also wears a messenger bag and now carries his CPAP machine. I at 67 and with some knee and back issues, use a 22" spinner and a small tote. On our last trip, he did cop out on carrying the CPAP when we had to walk a long distance in favor of my strapping it to the top of my spinner. We typically travel for a month with what goes in those bags and what we wear. Not only does that make for EZ off and on the plane, but it also makes for EZ on and off everything else. In addition, the lighter and smaller the luggage, the easier it will be for you to put it above or near your seat on whatever mode of transportation you are using.