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Safe, cheap, hostels in London.

Does anyone know of cheap yet safe hostels in London? There are three of us going on this trip and we need a hostel for two nights, preferably near Vicotria Station, but any ideas would be wonderful. Thanks.

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I have been looking online and asking friends the same thing, and from what I hear, Victoria station area hostels are a disgrace. Youre much better off staying in Bayswater or Kensington. Most hostels seem to be full of loud rouwdy people and thefts happen alot. Always bring a cable lock to secure your luggage while you sleep.

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Have you considered trying The prices I found on there is as cheap as a hostal (and in London, that's cheap!) and you get your privacy too.

I am going June 22nd and got a room for 3 for $89+ tax, and its a Sheraton!

You can also try EasyHotel click here

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Hi Amy,

There is a new chain of hotels in several towns in might want to try for the one in London and also look at the

I'm stay in a home while in London....but I'm going to walk over to the London Purple hotel (for future reference)

Mollie B

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Try university lodging (they have everything from singles up to quads - with or without private bathrooms) if travelling during summer months. Many offer use of basic kitchen and laundry facilities to guests, some include breakfast in price.

You'll get more reviews on hostels if you try a website like BUG or HostelWorld - you can see how others rate safety, cleanliness, location, price before you make a decision to book.

With 3 sharing a room, you may find a budget hotel, guesthouse or B&B is not that much more than if you booked 3 beds in a hostel.

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Not near Victoria, but only a short Tube ride away - the Earl's Court Youth Hostel in Kensington. Its a nice facility and when I was there, we had breakfast included (we often took it with us to get a jump on sightseeing). The neighborhood is pretty quiet and its fairly close to the tube as well - at tops a 10 minute walk.

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Go the official Enlish hosteling page:

There is on the home page information on a brand new hostel just north of Oxford St. Sounds good to me.
In addition, you can do a search for other London hostels.

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Go to the website of Premier Travel Inns, they're not a hostel but offer some of the lowest prices in London for decent rooms.

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In April I stayed at the Menninger London, which was directly across from the Natural History Museaum and close to a tube stop in Kensignton. I paid 9 pounds a night, and it included a free all you can eat breakfast.

Check out, they list a ton of places and have ratings, I generally try to find places with a star next to them which means they are the top hostels or at least a 75% rating.

I try and avoid HI hostels which are the offical hostels, I find them dull, boring and have the most rules..

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Kent, while Premeire inn is not as expensive as many London hotels, it still is pricy. Hotwire is about 40% cheaper than Premiere inn, but the down part is you have a mystery hotel until you purchase it. I have never been disappointed the past times I've used Hotwire, and received Sheraton for $89 and Hilton for $126 per night.

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I had a good experience at the St. Paul's hostel last month. It was safe, quiet, clean, and in a convenient location. I found it at