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Ryanair and Stansted airport

Has anyone booked the cheap flights from Stansted to ....?
Did you stay in a hotel near Stansted or travel to and from London? How'd you get there from London?
Any tips?

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I always stay at one of many B&Bs in Bishop's Stortford and take a cheap local taxi to the airport in the morning.

Bishop's Stortford is a pleasant little town with more than one or two really nice pubs serving good meals.

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Thanks for the tip!
Did you travel from London? If so... by train, bus, taxi?
thanks again

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All your choices for transportation from London to Stansted are listed here. Be sure to observe Ryanair's luggage weight and size limits. You'll pay extra if you don't. Most important, observe the strict check-in deadline! If you don't have a boarding pass in hand when the deadline arrives, your ticket will be worthless and you'll have to buy a new one for a later flight and at a much higher price.

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The Stansted Express is a nice way to get there unless you are leaving very early. In which case you must take a bus from the Victoria coach station. Since the Stansted Express is so easy I would probably stay in London.