Rush hour on the M25

I am looking for the typical begin and end of rush hour times for the M25 counter clock wise from Heathrow to Ashford in the evening and then a return journey during a morning commute.

Posted by Tod
San Diego, CA, USA
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If you can't get an answer to your question you could always check the traffic on Google maps - I believe the estimated time in Directions includes traffic conditions. I realize the timing from CA is inconvenient (at best) for the morning commute unless you're routinely up at 3AM or so but the evening commute should be easy to check.

Posted by Darren
Galt, Calif., UK
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Thanks Todd, I normally drive 80 over there lol so when its clear Im really good, but its all relative as I once got caught in rain rush hour from Ashford to Heathrow which took 3 hours even after leaving at 6am.

Posted by Linda
Bromley, Kent,, UK
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Ah the M25, who can tell what surprises it will spring on you! It doesn't take much to slow things down eg one regular autumn/winter problem is the "fog hollow" around Redhill and Reigate. We use the "AA Roadwatch" site for live traffic news etc. IME - commute busy from about 6am - 10am and 4pm - 7pm

Posted by Darren
Galt, Calif., UK
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Thanks Linda, exactly what I was looking for. Pretty much the same as California lol.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I pretty much agree with Linda but would add that the great circular car-park of London can go skew-wiff at anytime, especially around Junction 9 - Leatherhead, around the M23 junction towards Gatwick and Brighton, and pretty much anywhere between the A3 and M4. I've known the clockwise morning rush from Kent to clog up considerably earlier from time to time - usually when I am in a rush. Note that if you say "counter clock wise" in the UK you may get blank faces. It is "anti clockwise" around here.