Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo '13

Did any of the gang here make it to this years's Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo? I remember some chat about it earlier in the year. I'm just watching a video of it. Mariachis at Edinburgh Castle?

Posted by Nancy
London, UK
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I didn't go personally this year but I had several friends that did. They LOVED it!! I am hoping to go next year - putting it on my 'to do' list. I just got back from Edinburgh today and the city is in the midst of taking down all the temporary structures used for the festival and the tattoo.

Posted by Karen
Fort Wayne, IN, USA
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Was that a mash-up of La Cucaracha and Flower of Scotland? I was saw a Caribbean steel drum band play "Feelings" and it was hysterical. They couldn't find the end of the song and it went on and on.

Posted by Christina
New York, NY, 10025
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Last year the best part was a Scottish drum corps doing their salute to binary. Glad to hear this year's offerings were equally creative!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Nigel, No, unfortunately not but I sure wish I could have been there! I'm watching a few clips now. Which band had the Mariachis? I was pleased to see that The Rifles were there, as they're a favourite of mine. I always enjoy watching HM Royal Marines Band and of course the Pipes. Hopefully the Top Secret Drum Corps will be there next year. I haven't worked out my plans for 2014 yet, so perhaps I'll be able to make another visit to the Tattoo next year. Cheers!

Posted by Paul
Kingsland, Ga, USA
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Took my daughter to the tattoo on the 12th of the month and it was so far past awesome. The sights and sounds and the way the walls of the castle were illuminated with different colors. It is not possible for me to pick a performance I liked best as it was all beyond my wildest dream. This had been the number one item on my bucket list for more than 25 years and it was so worth the wait. It should not be missed.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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@Kevin, You've touched on the reason why the Rifles are a big favourite with me. I know someone who served with the Royal Green Jackets for a number of years, and I've visited their Regimental Museum at Peninsula Barracks in Winchester. There are five military museums in that area as I recall, one being the Gurkhas. It's impressive to see the Green Jackets marching at 140 paces/minute, and I like their motto - "Swift and Bold". Their band is fantastic, as heard in this example: Cheers!

Posted by Kevin
near Ringwood, Hampshire, UK
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I haven't been since, oh, 1980-something, but we always watch it on the TV. It has become increasingly multi-cultural and inclusive over the years, while retaining pipes and drums and Scottishness at the heart of it. I loved the Mariachi band (Mexican armed forces orchestra, or something?). And the Mongolian military band with the throat singers was great too. Ken, I was pleased to see The Rifles too. I saw them in Gibraltar in 1976, back when they were the Royal Greenjackets, and they formed the garrison that year. The marching pace was the same, of course.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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My wife, our daughter, a friend of hers, and I were there. We loved it! Our favorites were the band and precision drill team from New Zealand. Can one say a big city is charming? Even with the packed streets, we thought Edinburgh was. We wish we could have stayed more than two nights.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Ken, it was Mariachi Oro de Mexico, in conjunction with the Monumental Jaguares Marching Band and Mexican Folk Dance Company Tenochtitlan -- complete with burning pots of fire!!!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Nigel, Wow, that's a radical departure from Pipes and Drums! That's one thing I like about the Tattoo, they have different guest bands every year, which keeps it interesting. At the performance I attended, they had a mountain band from Garmen-Partenkirchen, Germany, complete with large Alp Horns (reminded me of the Ricola commercials). The Top Secret Drum Corps from Basel seem to be "regulars" at the Tattoo. Hopefully I'll get back soon for another performance. Cheers!