"Riverdance" dancing--where to find it??

I saw "Riverdance" and I'd love to see dancing like that while we are in Ireland--how can I find out where to go?

Posted by Ed
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Try the Barn at Abbey Tavern, the Irish House Party, or the Merry Ploughboys, all in Dublin. These from Herself who knows more about Ireland than I.

Nancy will be along shortly and can probably tell you about a cultural center out in the sticks, the name of which everybody at my house has unremembered.

Posted by John
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Noel V Ginnity has a dinner, dancing and jokes. About 60 Euro per person, but worth it once. He was at a Jurys Inn when we were in Dublin.

Posted by Nancy
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Ed, do you mean the one in Cashel? I can't remember the name, either.

Posted by Ed
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That's it, Cashel! We couldn't even remember which county/ town it was in. Cashel Heritage Center.

Posted by Nancy
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And there is Bunratty Folk Park near Shannon. They have Irish music and dancing with dinner. It is really well-produced. If you are in that area and staying at a local B&B, have your B&B host make the arrangements. You get a discount that way and the B&B gets a little something for sending you there.

Posted by Ken
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Last time I was in Dublin, the Arlington had a small "Riverdance" group performing in the large room on the basement floor. However, I'm not sure if that was a temporary show or something that's offered all the time?

As I recall, the Arlington is just across the river from the Temple Bar district, but not hard to find.


Posted by Christine
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Try this website: http://comhaltas.ie/

I saw a show put on by music and dance students from the Ennis area a couple of years ago, and they were really quite good. After the show, there was a session by local adult musicians, where they sat in a big circle and played continuously for at least an hour. At the time, there were Comhaltas fliers posted around County Clare, advertising different groups and their performances. The website lets you select the area of Ireland you will be visiting and then lists the groups to choose from.