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Rental location in Ireland

I'm heading out of Dublin and going south, around the coast clockwise. What is the best location to rent a car and get out of Dublin the easiest?

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We are renting from (cheapest we found) and they have 5 locations in the Dublin area, many on the outskirts. We rented from the downtown location last time and would have prefered not to have to drive out of the city. Also, "They'll pick you up" so you can be at your accommodations and they'll handle the transport.

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I got a car pretty cheap through AutoEurpoe, so you might look on their website as well. My husband and I are going to Ireland next week. Unfortunately, we pick up our car at the Dublin Airport. Yikes! Hopefully, we'll survive and if you get any good tips, let me know.

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I know that Enterprise has a location in Bray which is a few miles south of Dublin. Avoid driving in Dublin.

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We picked up an AutoEurope rental car, just a short walk 2-3 blocks at the Dublin airport, on the north side I believe. The highway route we took was M50, which skirted the outer edge of the city counterclockwise, before heading south toward Avoca. It worked out very well, as we had no desire to drive in or very near Dublin.

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We rented form Europcar, Just remember get a cart at the airport and push your luggage to the car pick up (all rentals) its a VERY long walk. After renting the car in The US online we were shocked when they added $55.00 Fill up charge when we got the car and they said return it empty!

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$55 doesn't sound unreasonable for a fill-up. Gas prices all over Europe are higher than ours; then consider the unfavorable value of the $. If the tank holds 10+ gallons of fuel, you probably got a good deal.

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One suggestion is a company we have used, County Car Rental. They have an office on O'Connell Street, just a little ways across and up from the GPO. You do the paperwork there, and they drive you out to their location at the airport. That way you don't have to drive in Dublin proper.

Their service is generally okay.

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I've got to shout out Dan Dooley. Great prices great service and very helpful staff. They have offices at Dublin airport, Dublin city center (on Pierce St.) and in most medium sized cities throughout the country. Despite what everybody on this site says driving in Dublin is not to be avoided like the plague. I had no problem navagating the streets (I think parts of San Francisco are worse), it was actually kind of fun. You just need your wits about you.

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I agree driving in Dublin wasnt so bad.We drove around when leaving the airport heading south and drove thru Dublin from DunLaoghaire to the airport to drop off our car.We just followed the airport signs in the evening and had no problems.

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That's a long drive. Hope you're there for a month. Take the average time it takes you to travel in the U.S. and double it. Then factor in the guiness stops, lunch and other attractions.

Nothing wrong with renting from the airport. Enterprise is the easiest and cheapest.

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Hello, I am renting from Hertz and prepaying for my car. I don't drive standard, so the cost was almost double with everyone else. Also note that your CC insurance or US car insurance will not cover you in Ireland. Just wanted you to be aware or at least double check. Ireland has some crazy legal issues that US companies run away from.

Here is the site I used.

Have fun!